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Discover a unique platform dedicated exclusively to romance authors. Elevate your brand with a curated selection of beautiful Canva templates and marketing materials.

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Welcome to A Dash of Storytelling

In a marketplace saturated with generic templates and lackluster tutorials, this is your sanctuary for true brand elevation.

Find curated, tasteful Canva templates specifically designed for the historical romance genre. Benefit from straightforward tutorials that actually teach you how to captivate your audience. No more settling for one-size-fits-all solutions or battling through ineffective how-to guides.

With A Dash of Storytelling, break free from the sea of sameness. Here, your unique voice becomes an unforgettable brand, as compelling as the stories you tell.

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Begin your journey with templates and tutorials specifically designed for historical romance authors.





Unlock every resource to ensure your historical romance narratives shine both in writing and presentation.





Take your storytelling to the next level with more nuanced templates and in-depth tutorials.




From Quill to Canva

As the full subscription service prepares to launch, begin with a course tailored to navigate Canva’s basics and the intricacies of licensing.

Delve into a Canva tutorial like no other, meticulously crafted for romance authors and versatile enough for writers across genres. ‘From Quill to Canva’ demystifies Canva, making it an accessible tool for authors to elevate their marketing materials. With a special emphasis on the often-overlooked realm of Canva licensing, it addresses the unique concerns tied to book cover design and promotion. 

Participants won’t find the typical rushed, haphazard guidance here. Created by a veteran book cover designer and software trainer with decades of experience, this course offers a coherent walkthrough of Canva’s interface, functionalities, and essentials. You’ll learn about Canva Free vs Pro, the design editor, projects, folders, and more. Your learning culminates with a practical exercise: crafting an engagement post for a Facebook group takeover. Here’s a genuine opportunity to master Canva, ensuring your stories are as visually compelling as they are in prose.

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