Giveaway Enthusiast License

What’s Included:

  • Romance Collaborator License: Allows you to share templates with up to 10 people who work with you to promote your business.




Tthe Giveaway Enthusiast License is a thoughtful add-on for authors who wish to delight their readers with creative gifts. By purchasing this add-on, you gain the ability to include our Canva templates as part of your promotional giveaways, adding value and uniqueness to your reader interactions.


Extended Sharing Permissions:

  • Add-on Requirement: This license is valid only with the purchase of a Canva Template up to $35 in value. You must purchase the Giveway Enthusiast add-on for each template set you wish to giveaway. No more than one add-on per template is permitted. Additional licenses purchased for the same template set are not valid.
  • Distribution Limit: Giveaway to a maximum of ten people. 
  • Obligatory License Distribution: You must supply a copy of the ‘Solo User License’ included with each Canva Template to your collaborators to ensure they understand and comply with the usage agreement.
  • Non-transferable Rights: The license itself is non-transferable and only permits the distribution of the templates as per the terms stated.

Ensuring Compliance:

  • No Further Sharing: Giveaway winners are not permitted to share the templates or create derivatives for distribution.
  • Sharing Restrictions: You are not permitted to “giveaway” these templates to friends, family, or other authors as a way to cicumvent their need to purchase the initial Solo User License. These are only to be used as promotional giveaways.

By purchasing the Giveaway Enthusiast License add-on, you agree to uphold the conditions of this agreement and foster a responsible sharing environment, thereby supporting a fair and legal use of our creative assets for promotional purposes.