Romance Collaborator License

What’s Included:

  • Romance Collaborator License: Allows you to share templates with up to 10 people who work with you to promote your business.




The Romance Collaborator License is a specialized add-on, allowing you to share your Canva templates with up to 10 individuals who assist in your marketing efforts.

Extended Sharing Permissions:

  • Add-on Requirement: This license is valid only with the purchase of a Canva Template up to $35 in value. You must purchase the Romance Collaborator add-on for each template set you wish to share. No more than one add-on per template is permitted. Additional Romance Collaborator Licenses purchased for the same template set are not valid.
  • Distribution Limit: Share the templates with a maximum to of ten collaborators.
  • Obligatory License Distribution: You must supply a copy of the ‘Solo User License’ included with each Canva Template to your collaborators to ensure they understand and comply with the usage agreement.
  • Non-transferable Rights: The license itself is non-transferable and only permits the distribution of the templates as per the terms stated.

Ensuring Compliance:

  • No Further Sharing: Recipients within your circle are not permitted to share the templates or create derivatives for distribution.
  • Sharing Restrictions: Permission is granted for sharing with your others who help facilitate your marketing and promotional tasks. You are not permitted to share with friends, family, or other authors not involved with promotional efforts for your brand. Giveaway’s are not permitted.

This add-on aims to support your collaborative efforts while preserving the value and uniqueness of our templates. By purchasing the Romance Collaborator License, you agree to adhere to these terms and to maintain the integrity of the license agreement.